Multilingual website optimization

Multilingual website optimization

Multilingual search engine optimization or International SEO comes into the picture primarily for websites / blogs which have two or more versions of languages. For instance, an Indian business might choose to have its website written in two languages for its markets in India and China, or a Canada based business might use its website for its two major groups of audience, one which is well versed with English and the other one which is more comfortable in French.

To ensure that such a multilingual website is easily understandable by Google and other prominent search engines in the targeted countries / regions, smart businesses should have to have a professional multilingual SEO services provider by their side.

JumpHigher’s search engineers craft and leverage the best and latest multilingual SEO strategies and processes to help our clients rank higher globally, in search engines that matter to their businesses.


International Audits

The audit of your website will help us analyze the different aspects of your website and develop a plan for future course of action. During this audit, we will look into the site architecture, backlinks, source code and content, and language recognition issues.

The Optimization Phase

On the basis of findings that we gather from the website audit and keyword research, we conduct on-page search engine optimization wherein we primarily focus on re-building the title tags, meta-data tags, and content copy. Unique, descriptive, and keyword rich title tags and meta description tags are one of the important things that Google looks to while deciding a suitable place for the website on its search pages.

We carry out this process across the website; this ensures that the website achieves top slots on the search engines where your customers flock to find out about products and/or services that your business has to offer.

GeoSelector Analysis

Our multilingual / international SEO services also involve GeoSelector Analysis wherein we see to it that each language site has a local domain so it enjoys higher chances of appearing on local search engines on relevant queries.

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Keyword Research

We conduct an extensive research to determine the keywords that our international / multilingual SEO campaign should focus on, and which ones should be avoided. The search term research also enables us to identify search phrases and search patterns that we can leverage on while developing / tweaking the website page content and meta-content.

Our global / multilingual search team understands the value that in-depth local market knowledge creates to our search campaigns, and therefore we go much beyond mere content translation and involve extensive study into the targeted searchers’ behaviour and language usage in each targeted market.

Link Building

Link building is an intrinsic part of international or global search engine optimization campaigns in which we create content that can help you engage with your audience on selected local platforms, including directory submissions.