Google My Business Listing

Google My Business Listing offers you a smart way to be found by your customers on search engine result pages when they look online for local businesses. These local search results or listings can often be seen amidst the normal search listings or on the top of the pages. These listings tell the searchers that you are local and also show a map along with your business contact details.

At JumpHigher Global, we leverage our decades of local SEO expertise to help our clients reach out to their consumers that are seeking local business products and services. Here is a snippet of our local search engine optimization services:

  • Setting up Google Account
  • Google My Business Page Setup and Verification
  • Google My Business 100% Local Optimization
  • Bing Local
  • Yahoo Local

Online Reputation Management

Reputation management is integral to our search engine optimization service packages. We monitor and manage your business reputation online and let your know the comments / feedback that are posted across networks we leverage to promote your business. The positive and negative comments / feedback is appropriately managed.

Now if you want to drive qualified traffic and sales to your website, and are looking for an affordable but result oriented SEO company in Delhi, India, let’s connect!