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Your website is no good…
If your customers cannot find it online.
Over 90% of all Internet traffic is generated from search engines.And, 97% of searchers never look past the first three pages of their search result


E-Commerce SEO India

Regular SEO won’t do for your Ecommerce website, because an ecommerce website might have hundreds of category and product pages…


Mobile SEO

The number of people turning to their mobile devices for their search and browsing needs is growing at an astronomical pace. In such a scenario…


SEO Copywriting

SEO copywriting is probably the most important element of modern day SEO. Intelligently crafted content will not only help your brand…


Multilingual website optimization

Multilingual SEO is the best path to tread on, if your website has been written down in more than one language. Say, if you cater…


SEO Plans

Our SEO plans are designed to be simple and effective – read them through and see which one makes sense to you. Speak to us if you need…


Google Penality Recovery

Google is increasingly penalizing websites that do not score well on user experience, or are stuffed with excessive keywords…


International Marketing

To grow your business it is necessary to put your products in front of the right buyers, locally as well as in foreign countries…



Our PPC experts devise a strategy that helps our clients achieve their
internet marketing goals effectively.

Popular PPC Network

The popular PPC network primarily comprises of Google AdWords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN AdCenter. We understand various PPC platforms and their impacts and work to deliver quality traffic to your websites.


At Jumphigher, we follow a highly analytical and result-focussed PPC methodology. Our campaigns are customised as per the requirements of your project. We’ve priced our plans to suit your budget and ensure maximum ROI.


We document the campaign reports and share them with clients to help monitor ROI closely. You can easily view the performance data for all keywords. Our PPC campaign management plans are designed meet your business objectives.

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