Website Analysis

Website Analysis and Audit Services

The 1st step to improving your website’s organic rankings is to invest in a professional web analysis and audit agency. JumpHigher provides an in-depth analytics report on the core areas of your website, looking deep into the factors which affect lead conversion from organic traffic. We find out technical issues that inhibit inbound traffic and provide meaningful insights and actionable recommendations based on industry best practices for immediate improvement in rank, traffic and conversion.

How our web analytics work?

Our optimisation consultants look into 4 different aspects of your website.

Comprehensive Link Audit

  • Link Profile Assessment
  • Link Sharing Metrics
  • Links on Social Platforms

Website Content Audit

  • Page Title, Image Alt-tags and Header Text Optimisation
  • Blog Post Optimisation
  • Content Quality Analysis and Scoring
  • Social Sharing Icons

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Keyword Audit

  • Keyword Research and Analysis
  • Website Page Inventory
  • New Target Keywords Identification

Usability Audit

  • Site Hierarchy and Navigation Review
  • Image File Size Checks
  • Relevance of Anchor Texts, Breadcrumbs and Footer Links
  • Page Load Statistics

Check your website for technical errors and usability issues. Our recommendations have helped websites with measurable increase in organic traffic.